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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bodybuilding - Early History and Advantages

I began to follow the sport of bodybuilding in the early eighties and became involved in the activity at the same time. Like most fans of the sport, I never got to the point of actually competing, though I did, as a fan, attend several competitions and exhibitions.

However, multi-hour workouts, the consumption of nutritional supplements (amino acids, protein supplements, etc), and the reading of publications like Flex and Muscle and Fitness were all part of the daily routine back then (I also competed in several powerlifting contests).

The amazing thing about bodybuilding, then and now, is that finally some of the information espoused by competitive bodybuilders is becoming validated. For instance, adopting a diet that is lower in carbohydrate intake and drastically lower in highly-processed foods. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself used to remark that "white flour is white death".

How true. White bread, for instance, offers little nutritional value and an insubstantive level of fiber. But from a glycemic diet point of view, its consumption (and the consumption of all highly processed carbohydrate foods) is a coffin nail for anyone trying to lose weight or get their blood glucose levels in line.

Amazingly, those early bodybuilders knew from experience what many people have only recently begun to accept: that the healthiest diet is one that emulates the eating habits of ancient man, i.e. fewer additives, less processing, more fiber, and more whole foods.

If you're interested in bodybuilding, here's an article that discusses some of the advantages of engaging in the activity:

Bodybuilding: Its Advantages and and Early Beginnings

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