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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Atkins Advantage Shakes

I went to a lower carb diet a while back for several reasons. Initially, I found that it was easier for me to keep my weight managed (important if your work keeps you hunched over at a desk for long hours at a time) and I also simply felt better by taking in fewer carbs and being more selective about my carbs. Yes, I love potatoes, pasta, bread, and the like, but as "satisfying" as those food stuffs are, they tend to have some negative effects, including persistent "stomach rumblings".

One of the problems encountered by people who get on the low carb wagon, however, is choice, as in fewer choices. In fact, its not until you begin to cut carbs from your daily diet and routine that you begin to realize how dependent you really are on carbohydrate content, much of which has limited nutritional value and a predisposition for spiking your glucose levels.

Fortunately, the longer you do the low carb thing, the more you realize that there actually are choices. For example, mashed potatoes. Eliminating those from your diet can leave a huge hole in your psyche. But---puree cauliflower, season it right, and add butter, and you have something that comes fairly close to mashed potatoes. And from a glycemic standpoint, so much better for you.

And now---drumroll---the point of this post: Atkins Advantage Shakes! I love these things and here's why.

  • Fifteen grams of protein
  • Six grams of carbs (four of which are fiber and only one of which is sugar)
  • 160 calories
  • And, if you get the Chocolate Royale flavor, it actually tastes like chocolate (for the most part).

Personally, I wouldn't advise these as meal replacements for lunch or dinner. In my own case, I simply prefer more calories than the average gerbil on steroids. But, for individuals who are prone to skipping breakfast (an important meal that you shouldn't skip), Atkins Shakes are a convenient and sensible meal replacement solution.

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