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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Can Sitting too long make you fat?

Apparently it can according to an article that I read on the Abc News website (linked below). Amazingly, scientists who conducted a test using a radioactive tracing substance found that when animals were sitting down, fat did not get burned but, instead, became stored in adipose tissue. Even worse, prolonged sitting had the effect of drastically suppressing levels of the enzyme, lipase, which is essential to the body's ability to get rid of dietary fat. These results came from animal studies, of course. But---when the same study experiment was extended to human volunteers, scientists found the same results: metabolic rate was reduced; lipase levels were suppressed; good cholesterol (HDL) was lowered.

So, how do you counteract the effects of being sedentary, particularly if you are heavily engaged in sedentary activities (work, school, and recreational activities such as video games). Move your legs. Literally. If you are engaged in sedentary activity for prolonged periods, get up once in a while and walk around. If your work is sedentary, get up once in a while and actually take a walk. And, if you don't get much physical activity from sport or recreation after work or school, consider taking walks before your day begins or after it ends. Diet, of course, is always important. But, as we can see, physical activity and maintaining one's health and fitness is equally important.

Scientists Say Just Standing Up May Be as Important as Exercise

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