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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Vegan Blogs, Vegan Websites, and, oh yes, Ferrets too

I came across a site today that's quite nice. It's a blog titled " The raw and the cooked".

I really don't do much commenting on blogs but I felt compelled to leave a comment in this case because the author of the blog (Opal) is an Xbox 360 gamer (same here, mainly Halo live these days) and is also a ferret owner. I told her in my comment that I happen to have a ferret and Chloe will be getting her website up and running sometime soon.

Opal's blog looks great and has a lot of interesting information. Her resource list, however, is quite nice (blogroll to the right of the page) and lists quite a few good ferret blogs and vegan health food sites and blogs. If I ever get around to developing a good list of sites and blogs, a directory of sorts, hers will be on the list.

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