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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Some good advice regarding supplements

Here's a page from the Mayo clinic (linked at the bottom) on vitamins and other types of supplements. The information at the top of the page is fairly general. However, I'm providing the link for the advice that's been provided on the lower half of the page, most of which can be boiled down this:

1. When taking nutritional supplements, read the labeling. I repeat, read the labeling. Product labeling includes expiration information as well as storage information. As the page states, dietary supplements can lose potency over time and they can also lose potency as a result of improper storage. And, of course, there' the safety factor with regard to leaving any sort of pill bottle out where a child may reach it.

2. Be careful when it comes to megadoses and megadosing and for several reasons. Not all individuals may tolerate the same dosage of any supplement equally well. Also, individuals taking prescribed medication should take caution when it comes to nutritional supplement (really, if you're on medication, it would be safest to consult with your doctor before using any sort of supplement).

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