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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sleeping Patterns may be based on Genetics - Night Owl Gene is discovered

If your sleep cycle is at odds with the rest of the world, you're bound to have trouble. Not only will you be out of sync with family and friends, you'll also be out of kilter with the the majority of occupational work schedules. Without a doubt, this can lead to a life less satisfying on a number of different levels.

But according to Science Journal, there may be a reason why some people are perpetual night owls. And the reason may be in the genes of such individuals. Apparently, an altered gene, called AFH or the after-hours gene, may be responsible for night owl syndrome.

It's interesting that, more and more, science is providing medical reasons for conditions that are, all too often, thought to be the result of poor habits or personal deficiencies. Bipolar disorder is certainly one of those conditions that is increasingly better understood. And so is fibromyalgia. Amazingly, it wasn't even that long ago, that rheumatoid arthritis was not recognized as a valid medical impairment.

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