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Improved Vitamin D for Bone Health

We’ve been told to drink our milk for vitamin D and to eat our dairy for calcium. While most Americans do drink a lot of milk and eat a lot of dairy, there is still a challenge in the medical community to find treatments for menopausal women, the elderly and all others with brittle bones or osteoporosis. Fortunately, there is a new vitamin compound on the horizon.

While it may be several years before it is offered to the public, a new form of vitamin D is exciting the medical community with hopes of changing the face of bone health. It is currently in the stage of research, but appears to be a revolutionary potential for those suffering with osteoporosis and could possibly be a much healthier alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

New Vitamin D Studies

This new form of vitamin D is currently in the research stage and is being studied in-depth by Dr. Hector DeLuca and his colleagues at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. So far, research has shown that this newly found vitamin D compound significantly increased bone density in animals with brittle bones and increased bone mass by 9% in rats that were modified to appear they were menopausal.

In addition, the rats experienced a 25% improvement in the strength of their vertebrae, the part of the human structure that is most affected by osteoporosis.

Optimism in the Medical Community

Dr. DeLuca is enthusiastic about the new vitamin structure and has suggested that it may have a “unique capacity” to stimulate genes to speed up the bone-building process. This is ground-breaking news in the medical community due to the fact that most treatments for osteoporosis target the disease by slowing down the deterioration process, not regenerating, strengthening and building the bones.

Many are also hopeful that the compound may be able to take the place of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for menopausal women experiencing bone loss. HRT has been connected to an increase in cancer and other diseases with prolonged use.

So far the vitamin D compound has not shown any toxic or negative side affects, though safety testing will be ongoing.

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