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Facelifts - the driving force of cosmetic surgery? At least in Great Britain

According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, ninety one percent of all plastic surgery patients are women. The most popular surgery for women is breast augmentation, although that is followed closely by eyelid surgery. The most popular surgery for men is rhinoplasty; however, tummy tucks and breast reductions are gaining popularity. In fact, the biggest increase in male cosmetic procedures was for tummy tucks.

The rise is cosmetic procedures for both men and women signals that society accepts cosmetic surgery. The popularity of non-surgical procedures involving botox and fillers has created an environment that is friendly to gradual facial rejuvenation. Of course, this interest has led to an increase in men and women who opt for facelifts.

The general public is educated by media coverage of the latest cosmetic choices and advancements. However, although the public is inundated with general information about cosmetic surgery, it is still extremely important to do indepth research before choosing a cosmetic surgeon.

A consumer group in Great Britain also found that some patients felt they were pressured into cosmetic procedures, and that the marketing of cosmetic procedures is often misleading.

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