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Juicing: Drink Your Way To Better Health

With leading organizations like the National Cancer Society stating that we need to incorporate at least five servings of fruit and vegetables into our daily intake, more people are looking for creative and delicious ways to fulfill this goal. Raw juice has been the answer for many; itís a quick way to receive a mega dose of the vegetables and fruits that are needed, and it is supplied in an attractive package.

Raw juices are delicious, highly nutritious, can be low in calories, and we can consume them quickly. Juicing receives high marks when it comes to its nutritional benefits. Many businesses have picked up the juicing buzz, and you can now find juice bars sprouting up in natural foods markets, trendy restaurants, fitness centers, and health spas. They are everywhere!

History Of Juicing

People have been squeezing produce for a long time to receive their valuable juice; however, it wasnít until the 20th century that a device was created specifically for juicing. The Norwalk juicer was invented in the 1930ís by Dr. Norman Walker. The Norwalk juicer was a cumbersome machine, but it made fabulous juice. It juiced produce by grating the vegetable first and then squeezing it through a bag. As time passed, the juicers became popular and now you can find them in a many stores.

What Are The Benefits Of Juicing?

Juicing is an excellent way to ensure that you receive the daily recommended supply of fruits and vegetables. In a recent study conducted on adults, more than 50% ate less than a single serving of fruit daily. The good news is that a higher amount of vegetables was consumed. The bad that they were mainly eating french fries. Thatís not healthy. Letís face it -- we need to make healthier choices when it comes to the foods we consume. How can we include healthier options for our meals without sacrificing taste?

Adding raw juices to your daily or weekly regimen is an excellent way to boost the fruits and vegetables that our bodies crave without sacrificing taste. Not only does juicing curb appetites, juicing can lead to weight loss. Consuming juices ensures that we are increasing our servings of fresh produce daily. This is welcome news for those of us who donít eat nearly enough fruits and vegetables. And this is an easy way to add them into our daily intake. The juices can be extremely delicious, and since the juice is highly concentrated, you boost the fruits or vegetables you receive simply by drinking. Freshly juiced vegetables and fruits are packed with many vitamins and nutrients, and since itís in liquid form itís easily assimilated by the body.

Over the years, juicing has been widely recognized for its curative powers. There was a clinical trial that was conducted on twenty-two patients who had advanced inoperable cancer Over a period of three months. They were given 10 oz of beet juice daily. Twenty-one of the patients showed marked improvement in their health.

Iíve reaped the benefits of increasing the amount of raw foods in my daily lifestyle. At my last optometrist appointment, my doctor commented on how healthy my eyes were looking. Guess what? They had actually improved since my last visit. I thought my eyesight was getting better so it was pleasant to receive this validation.

Juicing Enhances Digestion And Assimilation

One of the main reasons juicing is an effective way to heal a variety of ailments is that you are taking in raw juices. These raw, highly concentrated liquids are easily assimilated by the body. The benefit of juicing is that food digests a lot faster this way than when eating a big meal the standard way. Think about the last time you ate a big meal. How did you feel afterwards? Were you tired? When we eat foods, especially those derived from animals, it can take up to three or four hours to digest. Even vegetables, if prepared with intricate side dishes, like sauces, can take up to two to three hours to digest. However, a meal of raw fruits and vegetables takes about an hour. The added bonus for juicing is that it is assimilated within minutes after being consumed.

Think of the juicer as your second stomach. It is similar to your digestive system. The juicer, like your digestive system, breaks down the food into a liquid which makes it small enough to pass through the blood stream. When eating solids, a lot of work has been done to transform it into a liquid; however, when juicing we bypass all the work. We are giving our bodies ďpredigested liquidsĒ that can be instantly used by our bodies. It conserves our metabolic energy since the body doesnít have to break it down, and it gives our body an instant charge, flooding our system with valuable nutrients that are easily assimilated by the body.

What About The Vegetable Pulp?

When you're juicing fibrous vegetables, practically everything can be assimilated. This happens because you are removing the indigestible fiber from the juice. This ensures that your body receives the majority of the nutrients that the produce has to offer. But isnít fiber good for us? It surely is. Donít throw away that pulp! Why? The pulp extracted from juicing is high in fiber. Fiber is needed in our daily intake since it helps the bowel move quickly. Why not mix this valuable fiber back into your juice? If you donít want to do this, you could add it to your salads, soups, stir fries. Be creative! The pulp that I donít consume is added to my compost pile.

Cautions About Juicing

Although fruit juice is a better alternative than the sugary drinks on the market, use it in moderation since it can raise your blood glucose level. Vegetables do not do this. The only exception to this is carrots and beets. They function similarly to fruit juice.

Donít juice beets alone. Mix beets with other vegetables like greens, cucumbers, or celery. Beets are a potent cleanser and are great for cleansing the liver. But if used alone, beets can cause dizziness or nausea. Mix your beets with cucumber, celery, kale, collard, apple, etc.

Juicing Recipes

I thought I would share a few of my juicing recipes below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you are new to greens, start adding them slowly to your juicing routine. In time, your tastes will change, and you will find that you donít need your juice to be as sweet. Youíll still enjoy the drink, and you will reap the added benefits that greens provide.

Greens are extremely powerful and an essential source of nutrients for the body. They also contain chlorophyll, a tonifier, which enhances the healing benefits for many. Even if you are healthy, youíll still receive benefits by adding green juices to your juicing routine.

Skin Nourishing Drink
  • 6 oz carrots
  • 3 oz kale collards or turnip greens
  • 2 oz cucumber
  • 1 oz wheat grass juice
  • 1-2 garlic cloves
The ingredients listed in this blend are excellent for the liver and the skin. If you regularly consume it, you might develop a healthy glow. I often receive compliments about my skin. Since carrots are high in sugar, I donít use them often. Instead, Iíll add more of another ingredient; for example, I might add two cucumbers and sometimes Iíll add two - three stalks of celery. If you are new to greens, add them gradually over time and your tastes will change.

Supercharge Me
  • 2 cups grapes juiced
  • 2 cucumbers
  • 1 clove garlic juiced
  • 1Ē ginger
Who needs coffee when you are drinking something such as this? I usually drink this or something similar once I awaken in the morning. My mornings start early. I am usually awake by 3:00. I donít need a lot of sleep since increasing my intake of raw foods. Raw juice (such as the recipes listed above) gives me an extra boost of energy.

Before your reach for that sugary drink that is loaded with empty calories, why not juice your way to better health? Youíll revitalize your body by providing it with essential nutrients that it craves. Be patient and in time your body will display the positive effects that consuming fresh juices can accomplish for you.

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