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Whole Foods stay as close to the natural food source as possible

What do unprocessed grains, unprocessed meat, fresh fruits and vegetables have in common? They are all whole foods. Whatís a whole food? Whole foods are foods that stay as close to the natural food source as possible. They are unprocessed and unrefined. Nutritionally, they are usually superior to processed foods, and we receive the greatest nutritional benefit by consuming them.

Are All Organic Foods Whole Foods?

Not necessarily. A food doesnít have to be organic to be a whole food. And there are many products that, although organic, have been processed and are no longer whole foods.

Why Are Whole Foods So Important?

In our fast paced society, many of us, sometimes,, take short cuts on our health by choosing prepackaged and highly processed foods. Itís quick, convenient, and itís guaranteed to be on our plates in minutes. Sure, we are satisfying our hunger by eating these meals but are they the best choices for us nutritionally? When we consume mainly highly processed foods, our chances of becoming sick are higher simply because they donít offer the same nutritional value as whole foods.

Ever wonder why you are getting a cold? Maybe you need to look at the foods you are consuming. Your body doesnít just ďcatch a coldĒ. If you have made unhealthy food choices for your body, this may affect your immune system and your ability to fight off germs.

Whole foods have been part of my eating lifestyle for well over twenty years. In that time, I had only the symptoms of a cold twice. After one day it was over. Why? My body could fight of the infection naturally because my diet consists mainly of whole foods. Unlike processed foods, whole foods arenít robbed of their nutritional value.

How Can I Add More Whole Foods Into My Daily Diet?

There are many ways that you can incorporate more whole foods into your daily intake. Instead of reaching for that prepackaged dinner, why not bake poultry, or saute fish? If youíre a vegetarian or vegan, why not make a delicious veggie stir fry or how about making a dish with roasted vegetables?

Also, think of ways you can add more raw fruits and vegetables into your meals. You'll receive many benefits from consuming fresh produce by eating them raw. They are nutritional powerhouses, and you get an added bonus since you are also consuming the pulp and the fiber--this is something our bodies need.

If your life is extremely busy and you donít have time to always prepare a whole food meal, when you do have time, try making nutritional whole food meals in bulk. I stay busy and do this as often as possible. This way, when Iím hungry I know that whatever Iíve eaten shall be good for my family because Iíve made our whole food meals in advance.

Another way to add more whole food choices into your daily routine is by juicing or making smoothies. Not only is it quick, delicious, and nutritious, the added bonus is that youíre receiving more nutrients in a highly concentrated form. Juicing is a convenient way to consume whole foods. This is an excellent choice for those who stay busy.

Itís important to remember that when you juice you arenít receiving the fiber since the pulp is extracted. Occasionally, I add some of this pulp back to my juice, or Iíll add it to my food throughout the day. I add it to salads, and, occasionally, I incorporate it into a variety of delicious homemade sauces. This way, Iím still receiving fiber from the juice I prepared. I use the Green Star juicer. It uses twin gear technology. They are powerful machines and blast through anything (even the hard vegetables like carrots, beets, and jicama) I put into it. If you have a blender (I use the Vita-Mix), you can make whole food smoothies. When you make smoothies, you receive all the fiber since it isnít separated.

I like making juices and smoothies because they are convenient. Itís an easy way to ensure that some of my whole foods needs are being met. The beauty of consuming whole foods in this manner is that you can add some of the vegetables that you donít necessarily like to the juicer or blender, and it can taste great! Iíve found that when I combine greens with fruit it masks the taste of the greens.

When I first started consuming whole food juices/smoothies, I didnít care too much for the taste of kale and turnip greens raw; however, I found that adding them to juices and smoothies masked their taste, and in time my taste changed. These greens are loaded with nutrients. I no longer had a problem eating those greens raw. If you are paying attention to your sugar intake, ease up on the fruits and vegetables (such as carrots) that contain a high amount of sugar.

Incorporating whole foods into our daily lifestyle assures us that we will be receiving the best nutrition that is easily assimilated by the body. Incorporating whole foods into our daily lifestyle will give our immune system a boost which will aid us in fighting off infection, and a variety of health related diseases. Start making whole foods part of your daily lifestyle. They are usually far superior to the processed foods that are on the market today.

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