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Anaerobic Exercise (including Sprinting, Weight Lifting, and Bodybuiding)

Anaerobic Exercise is a short-term, high intensity activity. Sprinting, heavy weight lifting, interval training, and jumping rope are all examples of anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise means “exercise without oxygen.” During an intense physical activity, there is a shortage of oxygen because the amount of oxygen needed exceeds the oxygen that is available. This temporary shortage triggers lactic acid. Lactic acid is a by product of producing anaerobic exercise.

When you engage in anaerobic exercise, you are exercising at an intensity that can only be sustained for a short time. The limit for this short burst of activity is usually 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Anaerobic exercise is excellent for building strength and creating muscle mass, and, like aerobic exercise, it still benefits the heart and lungs. It burns slightly less calories than aerobic exercise and is slightly less beneficial than cardiovascular activity; however, it is still very good for you. I’ll list a few reasons below.

Continually Burn Calories

With anaerobic exercise, you can continually burn calories hours after the exercise is over. Why? Your metabolism will continue to work for added time after your exercise. With aerobic exercise, you stop burning calories once your workout is completed. Do you want to kick it up a notch? Add interval training to your anaerobic exercise routine.

Release the Human Growth Hormone Naturally

After you have completed many sets of anaerobic exercise your body will start to heat up; this will trigger your body to release lactic acid, which can lead to breathlessness. Think how you feel after lifting weights to failure. These factors promote the natural release of the Human Growth Hormone (often called the fountain of youth) by your body. The Human Growth Hormone causes the body to release free fatty acids into your blood stream for burning.

Increase in Metabolism

If you regularly engage in strenuous activity, you may notice that your metabolism soars. Why is that? Anaerobic exercise builds fast twitch muscle fibres. The more fast twitch muscle fibres you have, the higher your natural metabolism. Having a higher metabolism will enable you to burn a larger amount of calories when you are doing absolutely nothing, Remember, with anaerobic exercise you burn calories hours after your workout ends.


If you are new to exercise, don’t immediately jump into an intense physical activity. You need to build up to it.

Before you start any types of exercise, do a five to ten minute warmup. Once the exercise is completed, do a five to ten-minute cool down.

Anaerobic exercise is not recommended if you are pregnant.

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