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Metabolism Myths

The most common myth about metabolism is that there is slow metabolism and fast metabolism. Researchers have measured the amount of calories healthy weight individuals and obese individuals burn while at rest, and the studies have consistently indicated that overweight individuals' bodies expend more energy.

However, even after considering body size difference between slender and obese individuals, their metabolic rates are similar.

So what is the difference? Why do individuals with similar weight and age have different metabolic rates? It is quite simple: basal metabolic rate is influenced by the ratio of fat to muscle, consequently individuals who are fit and have more muscle expend more energy.

Of course, physical activity uses energy as well. In fact, our basal metabolism rate and physical activity are the two components of total energy expenditure. If an individual is to be successful in losing weight, they must accept one brutal fact and that fact is you cannot consume more calories than your body uses. If an individual accepts this fact, they will be able to manage their weight over their lifetime.

Many individuals are looking for a “magic pill” that will eliminate weight gain with no effort on their part. The truth is that there is no magic solution for weight control or weight loss.

Weight loss or control is the result of calorie reduction and physical activity. The most efficient way to burn calories is to get plenty of daily physical activity, and work on improving one's body muscle to fat ratio (anaerobic exercise is ideal for this). If an individual does this, it will bring about modest but important changes in basal metabolic rate that in turn will enable a person to control their weight.

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