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Colon Cleansing: Eliminate the Backed Up Waste

Are you suffering from exhaustion, constantly getting colds, prone to breakouts, or bloating? You might have an unhealthy colon. Perhaps its time you did some type of colon cleansing? If you listen to some mainstream health care professionals, they will tell you that your body doesnít need a colon cleansing because the body will naturally cleanse itself. And if you are following a healthy lifestyle, this may not be such a big issue. But the truth is, in westernized cultures many of us arenít doing this.

Because of our unhealthy lifestyles, many of us are prone to constipation. Constipation is unnatural, but in western countries it has become ďnaturalĒ. This is truly alarming. What these health care professionals fail to acknowledge is that the types of foods many of us are consuming are unhealthy and low in fiber. This, of course, makes it difficult for our waste to make its way down our intestinal tract. There are many factors that can lead to an unhealthy colon. A few examples are a poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress. One way we can improve our bowel health is through colon cleansing.

There are numerous supporters of colon cleansing. A few are Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Richard Schulze, and Dr. Richard Anderson. They believe that our bowels can store toxins and mucoid plaque. If we arenít effectively cleansing our bowels, then we can potentially harm our bodies.

Why is Colon Cleansing Important?

The purpose of the colon is to eliminate waste. In our fast paced society, where we are looking for the quick solution for our daily needs, many of us are neglecting our health and are making poor choices for our overall well-being. One of the ways we sabotage our health is by consuming large amounts of processed foods. Itís a quick fix. Weíve satisfied our hunger, but at what cost? In many cases, we have created the perfect conditions for constipation to develop. Constipation can potentially lead to other health related issues like colon cancer.

Without the added bulk needed to allow fecal waste to travel down our colon, cecum, and rectum, the bowel becomes backed up. As our fecal waste continues to sit in our colon, it becomes denser and drier because we arenít supplying it with enough fiber or hydration. In order to get our bowels moving, many of us reach for colon cleansing products, such as a laxative, to resolve this issue. Some of us might even become dependent on such products because. But instead of addressing the underlying issue, we are only treating the symptom.

Many alternative therapists believe we should be having bowel movements at least two times daily. One of the examples they point to is populations living within third world countries. They usually donít have a problem with constipation. Their eating habits are a lot different from ours and they usually donít lead a sedentary lifestyle. These therapists suggest that we should be having one bowel movement shortly after we consume a meal since the new meal that is entering our intestines will push the old material further down our intestines. Many of us arenít having bowel movements two to three rimes daily.

Healing an unhealthy colon can take time. The good news is that, in most cases, in can be done. What we first need to do is get our bowels back on track and cleanse from them the accumulated waste, hazardous toxins, and mucous that are lodged in our colon. One of the ways we can accomplish this is by using a colon cleansing product.

Types of Colon Cleansing
  1. Colonics - Also referred to as colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy. Colonics is one of the most effective ways to expel accumulated waste. Itís similar to an enema. It introduces limited amounts of water into your bowel. The equipment used are medically approved class II colon hydrotherapy devices. They are sanitary and use disposable tubing and a speculum which is inserted into the rectum.

  2. Enemas - Enemas, when done correctly, can be extremely effective for occasional use. However, many people administer them incorrectly. One of the problems with enemas is that they usually donít reach the lower intestines where most of the impaction usually resides. Another problem is that many people use tap water in their enemas. In doing so, they could potentially kill off the healthy bacteria that resides in the colon because of the chlorine that is found in most tap water.

  3. Herbal Supplements - There are many herbs that will encourage bowel movements. one of one of the common ingredients seen in herbal supplements is senna. Although an herb, it is still a laxative and can be extremely harsh. And in some individuals it can cause cramping. To be safe, itís best to avoid products that contain this herb. The reason senna is effective is because it contains compounds called anthraquinones, which are powerful laxatives. Dandelion root, bayberry root bark, and yellow dock root are a few herbs that are considered mild laxatives.

  4. Laxatives - Laxatives work as an irritant to your colon. You can develop a physical dependency to laxatives once you stop using them. Your bowel can fail to function without them. These are best avoided.
I received my first colonic almost two years ago. Over the years, I had done a lot of research about colonic cleansing, and I finally decided to try it out. It seemed a perfect compliment to the 30 day raw foods cleanse I was conducting. The health spa where I had my procedure used a closed colonic irrigation system. I was able to see the waste as it passed through the tube. The sheer amount of fecal material I saw passing through the clear tube during my appointment was truly amazing. The procedure lasted about 45 minutes.

My colonic hydrotherapist massaged my stomach throughout the procedure she explained this would help dislodge fecal material that might be clinging to the walls of my colon. I observed that the times when she did massage my abdomen even more fecal material would pass through the tube. Thinking back to what Iíve read from such alternative health care professionals like Dr. Richard Anderson, it made me suspect that this material had been encrusted on my colon. My stomach was already flat, but I noticed after the appointment it was even flatter. I now receive a colonic every few months.

The Benefits of Colon Cleansing

There are many benefits that one can experience after a colon cleanse and, although its something that should be considered by those suffering from constipation, even those who are healthy can receive benefits. Some of the benefits that associated with colon cleansing are:
  1. It aids in preventing a variety of diseases like colon cancer;
  2. It helps you to more easily absorb vitamins and nutrients;
  3. It encourages regular bowl movements;
  4. It promotes healthier skin;
  5. It can foster improvements in concentration;
Colon cleansing can not only offer relief from constipation, it can help you reduce the possibility of developing diseases for which constipation may play a role.

In combination with colon cleansing, itís important that you reclaim your health. How can you do this? You can start by adding more whole foods, juicing, and raw foods into your diet. Also think of ways you can incorporate exercise into your lifestyle and find ways that you can lower your stress and decrease the use of toxic household cleaners in your home.

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