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Antioxidants can be conceptualized in a number of different ways: as insurance against some of the more visible effects of aging; as a weapon in our fight to make our average life expectancy more closely resemble our ultimate lifespan; and as a line of defense against the risk of developing certain illnesses and diseases.

What are antioxidants? Essentially, they are substances that reduce, neutralize, and prevent the damage done to the body by free radicals. Free radicals are simply electrons that are no longer attached to atoms. Instead of circling the nucleus of an atom (much like the earth circles the sun), free radicals are both free and radical enough to go careening through our cells, inflicting damage as they go.

What causes free radicals to be formed? A process called oxidation creates free radicals and this process happens in the context of normal metabolic processes and our everyday exposure to our environment. In other words, eating, breathing, and going out in the sun all contribute to the the process of oxidation, free radical formation, and the resulting damage that is caused to the cells of our bodies.

What kind of damage are we talking about? Pretty much every kind you can think of: the deterioration of bone, joints and connective tissue; the wearing out of organs; the decline of the immune system; the irritating advance of the visible effects of aging; and even, possibly, to some extent, the aging process itelf.

Because free radicals are implicated in all these processes, minimizing and neutralizing their activity with antioxidants may allow us to live longer and healthier lives, look and feel better, and reduce or eliminate the risk of certain illnesses.

The menu to the right lists most of the known antioxidants and each antioxidant page contains a discussion of the antioxidant's characteristics as well as the nutrient category into which it is classified. For, example the antioxidant selenium is a mineral, while the antioxidant methionine is an amino acid and the antioxidant melatonin is a hormone.

Be sure to check this section occasionally, as new antioxidant information will be periodically added.

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