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Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine encompasses a wide variety of healing traditions, some of which, such as homeopathic medicine, massage therapy, aromatherapy, certain herbal remedies, physical therapy, and acupuncture, have become widely accepted in mainstream Western society.

Increasing global awareness has also brought more of the western world in touch with other medicinal traditions such as Indian ayurvedic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and herbal remedies native to exotic climates.

How big is the umbrella of alternative medicine “officially”? The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM, a division of the U.S. government and formerly titled the Office of Alternative Medicine), which funds clinical research for complementary and alternative medicine, has identified five types of alternative healing.

These categories are: Alternative Medical Systems (e.g., homeopathic, naturopathic, TCM and Ayurvedic medical systems); Mind-Body Interventions (e.g., meditation and prayer); Biologically Based Therapies (dietary supplements); Manipulative and Body-Based Methods (e.g., chiropractic medicine, osteopathy, massage therapy); Energy Therapies (e.g., Reiki); and Bioelectromagnetic-based therapies (anything involving the use of magnets or magnetic fields for healing).

Alternative medicine, at its heart, is fundamentally about choice and, consequently, natural healing provides an “alternative” range of treatments for individuals beset with conditions like chronic fatigue, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, lupus, lyme disease, and carpal tunnel syndrome (conditions for which mainstream medicine may offer comparatively few choices). Alternative medicine can also provide lesser known, but nonetheless fully accepted, remedies for common maladies like canker sores, sinus problems, and even bad breath. However, keep in mind when reading this section that not all forms of alternative medicine have been scientifically validated via clinical research. Hence, the phrase “alternative medicine”.

This section provides articles and information related to the various aspects and incarnations of alternative medicine. Check back frequently as information will be added over time.

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